Dress Code

Belief Statement

We believe that the wearing of school Dress Code:

  • Promotes pride in our school
  • Enhances our public image
  • Reduces peer pressure
  • Promotes opportunity for equal participation
  • Encourages appropriate clothing for school activities


  • All students attending Gawler East Primary School will wear the school uniform helping to create a sense of belonging and safety.

Acceptable Uniform:

All uniform is to be in good condition.

  • Tops – Royal blue or school top with logo. Plain black or royal blue t-shirt/skivvy may be worn underneath.
  • Royal blue or School Jumper/jacket.
  • Black pants, thick leggings, shorts or skorts. Shorts must be at least mid-thigh length.
  • Hair accessories in school colours.Closed in and secure fitting shoes such as sneakers or school shoes.
    Sleepers or studs

Unacceptable clothing and items:

Please note many of the unsuitable items pose health and safety risks and are unsafe for playground and P.E. lessons as well as contradicting school dress code. They may pose risks to not only the child but also other students.

  • Hooded jumpers (including underneath tops).
  • Hair accessories which are too large for a school hat to be worn are not permitted.
  • Hair accessories which are not in school colours.
  • Shorts which are shorter than mid-thigh length.
  • Open toe, slip-on and high heeled shoes.
  • Jeans and any other denim.
  • Tank tops.
  • Scarves during school hours.
  • Dangly earrings, necklaces, facial piercings, rings and bracelets. Recognised medical bracelets are exempt.
  • Clothing with logos other than the school logo.
  • Nail polish/makeup/temporary tattoos.
  • False nails, gel, acrylic, stick on tips or extreme length of natural nails.
  • Extreme hair colouring. Natural colours are acceptable. Designated events such as Sports Day and charity events may be exempt.
  • Lacy or silky fabrics
  • See-through clothing.


The school will:

  • Provide a new uniform top and hat to each new enrolment
  • Have items available to order at all times.
  • Endeavour to keep a stock of uniforms available at short notice.
  • Have Dress Code Policy available for parents in the Parent Handbook.
  • Advise parents and remind children that the wearing of the Dress Code is expected for all school activities including special events, ie; excursions, school photo days etc.


  • Admin staff and classroom teachers will actively support and promote the wearing of school dress code through positive reinforcement and encouragement.
  • Students will be asked to remove inappropriate non-dress code items eg jewellery, nail polish. Where possible, clothing will be replaced with supplied school clothing.
  • Regular non-wearers will receive reminders/letters home promoting the Dress Code and its availability.
  • Continual non-compliance will result in parents meeting with Administration Staff.


The Government has made provision for exemptions on the following grounds:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Cultural or ethnic reasons
  • Genuine medical/sickness reasons

Special Expectation

  • In line with the Solar Protection Policy all children are required to wear hats except in term 2 when the UV index is below 3.
  • All shirts are to have collars and sleeves.
  • The school hat will be royal blue and wide brim in keeping with the sun safe policy. Hats are to be in a neat condition without writing or tears.
  • Hair that is longer than collar length is required to be tied back.


The Principal may grant exemption in special circumstances.

 Please note that if parents and carers are experiencing hardship making purchasing of school uniform items difficult, they may speak to the Principal.