Curriculum Please find below a link to articles that is useful for parents to really understand how we look and think about Maths. Partitioning Phonological Awareness


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School Facilities

School Facilities Buildings and grounds The school was built 32 years ago. There is a separate Administration building, which includes staff facilities. A long brick building accommodates some classes Reception-Year 6, the Resource Centre two Computer Rooms. A new classroom block was built in 2010 and currently accommodates years 2-7. Cooling – Heating All buildings are … Read more

Local Community

Local Community Parent and Community Involvement Please contact the school if you would like to volunteer to support our work and student learning. Further information is available at Volunteering in schools, preschools, kindergartens and children’s centres ( The Governing Council meets in weeks 2 and 7 of each term. Most meetings are currently online. In … Read more

Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips Reading Tips DoBe patient.Check their diary to see where they’re up to in their reader. Give time for your child to flip through book first. If they are continuing a book, ask them to tell you what’s already happened and let them look at the pictures again for familiarity. Let your child sound … Read more

Grievance Procedure Guidelines

Grievance Procedure Guidelines When issues and concerns arise for you as a parent, regarding your child’s education, it is important to know that there is a process that you can follow to help resolve them. You have a right to have your concerns heard and have them dealt with confidentially. An understanding of areas of … Read more

Dress Code

Dress Code Belief Statement We believe that the wearing of school Dress Code: Promotes pride in our school Enhances our public image Reduces peer pressure Promotes opportunity for equal participation Encourages appropriate clothing for school activities Aim: All students attending Gawler East Primary School will wear the school uniform helping to create a sense of … Read more

School Information

School Information School Fees The school fees are set each year by the Governing Council. Fees can be paid in instalments and an account will be given to you. Currently the fees are $287 with a $100 Rebate = $187 for 2024. Any queries can be directed to Sherrilyn Northcott, Business Manager. The Finance Committee … Read more