School Information

School Fees

The school fees are set each year by the Governing Council. Fees can be paid in instalments and an account will be given to you. Currently the fees are $287 with a $100 Rebate = $187 for 2024. Any queries can be directed to Sherrilyn Northcott, Business Manager.

The Finance Committee of the School Governing Council prepares the budget for the whole school after submissions from all interested groups.

School Card Scheme

The School Card Scheme is administered by the Department for Education and provides financial assistance towards the educational expenses incurred by families at government and non-government schools. Eligible families will be relieved of the requirement to pay school materials and services charges.

Eligibility for School Card assistance in 2024 is dependent upon the combined family income for the 2022/2023 financial year being within the School Card income limits which are listed on the fact sheet attached to the application form. 2024 School Card forms are available from 29 January 2024.

The income limits applied to determine eligibility are available at, our school or by contacting the School Card Section on 1800 672 758.

To be considered for School Card assistance, families are required to complete an application online or by returning a School Card Application form to the Front Office at the start of each year. Further information and applications are available on the website or from the school office.

The standard ED003A – Income Audit form may either be submitted online or in person at the school.

For any additional information on the School Card Scheme please contact either Gawler East Primary School Business Manager Sherrilyn Northcott on 8522 2688, the DfE School Card Section (free call 1800 672 758) or go to

School Times

  • School commences at 8:45 am.
  • Recess is 10:35 am – 11:05 am.
  • Lunch is 12:55 pm – 1:25 pm.
  • End of the day is 3:05 pm.

Driving and Parking

The roads around the school are 25km/h at all times that children are present. For our students’ safety, please drive slowly.

The gated car park in the school grounds is only for staff and delivery vans.

Please observe the parking restrictions around the school which have been implemented for the safety of the children. Please do not use the medical centre car park at the Cheek Avenue Shopping Centre or the Childcare Centre/Preschool car park.


The newsletter is emailed in weeks 3, 6 and 9 of each term.

Regular school news is also available via our Facebook page and the Skoolbag app.

Lost Clothing

Named clothing is returned to the child as soon as possible. Unnamed clothing is kept in the library. Unclaimed clothing is given to a charity at the end of each term.

Use of Facilities

Our Hall and grounds are available for hire by community groups. Please email the school to enquire –

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

The OSHC is on-site and outsourced to the YMCA. Further details are available at Gawler East Primary School | YMCA SA.

Support for Children

There are varying degrees of support available for students depending on the level of need.  A close liaison with the local pre-schools means the continuation of support for children is achieved. 

Children with special needs may be in several categories; the disability may be intellectual, physical, speech and language, sensory or autistic/asperger disorder. 

There are specialists who give us advice about students.  Usually these services can be accessed through school or parent request.  School Psychologists, Speech Therapists and other Support Officers provide assistance to schools and staff. 

Students with behavioural problems can be referred for support.  Within the school School Service Officer’s (SSOs) provide additional support for students with special needs.

Learning Support @ GEPS

Supporting students to grow and learn begins in every classroom where teachers are designing explicit teaching and learning that is differentiated to cater for all students in their class.  Individual students learning needs are identified and supported through our learning support programs.

Time to Talk – a Speech program for reception students to support articulation and oral language.

Early Years Literacy Intervention teacher – working with our early years’ students to consolidate their phonemic and phonic knowledge.

Literacy/Numeracy early years class support – Reception to Year 2 classes have an allocation of School Services Officer (SSO) time for small group intervention.

MacqLit (Macquarie Literacy) program – identified middle primary students access Literacy support

Students with additional needs and or a disability are supported through their One Plan. A One Plan is a learning plan devised in partnership with parents, specialist advice, the classroom teacher and the student. These students may also have in class support from a SSO.

Self-regulation and social skills are taught and developed through the implementation of “The Zones of Regulation”, “What’s the Buzz?” and Friendology in each class.

As a Department for Education site we have access to:

Psychologist Educational Services, Speech Pathology, Special Educator, Behaviour Coach and Social Worker.  These specialists support our site to deliver quality educational outcomes for students with additional needs and or disability.